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Summer Contest


Summer Contest

The Berlin Brandenburg School Debating Contest at Bertha-von-Suttner

On the 7th of June 2016 14 schools from Berlin and Brandenburg debated at the BvS. As usual our school participated with a junior and a senior team. Please find below a concise summary of the day. Enjoy …



First roundTHB that digital technology is a blessing.
Maybe it was the team line or the line of argumentation. Maybe it was the sudden absence of one of the team members. In the end the team consisting of Maya, Annika and Berrin lost this debate.

Second roundTHW stop eating meat.
Luck was not on the side of HCG’s junior team in this contest. Natalia, Tessa and Johanna were debating cute but eloquent 6th graders…

ImpromptuTHB that school sucks.
What a motion?! School sucks? No way!

And that is how Tessa, Johanna and Berrin did not only save a win for the junior team but Berrin debated herself into HCG debating history by becoming the best speaker in the junior league!



First roundTHW promote social freezing.
Helena, Ngoc-An and Laetitia won the debate with a logical team line, strong arguments and refined rhetorical skills.

Second round: THB that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is beneficial for the USA.


Let’s be honest, debating in favour of this motion is already challenging but facing some of Berlin’s finest and most experienced debaters did not really make it any easier. Still, great debate by Valentin, Leonie and Theresa!

Imprompu: THW make attending school optional.
I beg your pardon?! Fortunately, Paul, Ngoc-An and Laetitia were opposing this motion gave a eulogy on their education which made hearts melt and led to another win for the HCG debating team.

Result: 3rd place for the senior team
(Taking into account that there were only two experienced debaters on the team, this is a superb result!)

Congratulations to all debaters!


Text: Cn / Pictures: Cn and Paul


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