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The first showcase debate in Berlin


Debating Matters Berlin
was hosted by venue partner BiTS Hochschule.
Six schools from across the city competed in a showcase competition and students had the opportunity to debate key real-world issues in English. Their efforts were judged by professionals from a wide range of professional backgrounds, experiences and areas of expertise in an engaging, conversational but challenging format that was new to our team.


Doping in sport: “We should permit the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport”
Group 1:  FOR: Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium   – AGAINST: Humboldt-Gymnasium
Group 2:  FOR: Nelson-Mandela-Schule   – AGAINST: Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium

“Gentrification is good for neighbourhoods”
Group 1:  FOR: Eckener-Gymnasium   – AGAINST: Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium
Group 2: FOR: Leibniz-Schule Berlin   – AGAINST: Nelson-Mandela-Schule

Repatriation of artefacts: “Western museums should agree to repatriate cultural artefacts”
Group 1:  FOR: Humboldt-Gymnasium   – AGAINST: Eckener-Gymnasium
Group 2: FOR: Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium   – AGAINST: Leibniz-Schule Berlin

ISSUE 4  (Final)
Offence: “Nobody has the right to not be offended”

The HCG TEAM, an experienced team of debaters:

  • Karolina Walsleben
  • Hannah Schönborn
  • Julian Hartmann
  • Laura-Marie Siebart
  • Jaime Wallier and
  • Florian Kleinau
  • mit der Leiterin Frau Cornelis (li.)
  • The team was well-prepared and debated on a very high level. When it came down, all the judges agreed that our team accomplished a confident style and that the individual debaters functioned very well as a team, supporting each other throughout the contest! The team did not make it to the final. The team winner: Nelson-Mandela-Schule.

    Laura-Marie and Karolina won prizes for


    The next debating contest:
    on 28th January 2016
    at HCG

    Save the date, reinforce the HCG debating team or offer your manpower to make this day an enlightening event for all of us.


    Text: Cornelis
    Fotos: Carsten Fleck, John Faulk (2)

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