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Debating 2017

Debating 2017


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in January

Berlin Brandenburg School Debating Contest
at Leibniz Gymnasium
on 26th Jan. 2017

The following motions will be tackled by the HCG Debating Team:


  • This House welcomes the advent of autonomous vehicles
  • This House believes that social media are a threat to Western democracies.
  • Impromtu


  • This House would make voting compulsory.
  • This House would keep Tegel airport open even if BER is finally opened.
  • Impromptu




in February

Debating Plakat

Ngoc-an, Laetitia, Teresa and Leonie (all Q4) will be participating
in a Berlin-wide competition against five other German schools
in a DEBATING CONTEST on Tuesday, 28th February 2017

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Good luck and happy debating!

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